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Shards of a Fallen Night

For Clarinet Sextet
Modern Classical

Shards of a Fallen Night was commissioned by Ian Mitchell and Hale Hambleton, and was first performed at Charlton House, London, on 15th May 2009.

“Shards of a Fallen Night is a musical journey through a dark forest. Although it is night, a rich, ambient glow surrounds you, drawing you further into the heart of this pulsating wilderness. Engulfed by the cosmos, and the magic of the forest, you fall under a spell of darkness. Eventually, the dim sky begins to crack, and fragments fall to earth, exposing the sharp rays of the sun. Light guides you away from this haunting place, and daylight has conquered.”

Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint was an influence, although this work was not intended as a minimalist piece. Various film scores by John Williams were also an influence on the texture and harmony of this piece.